GreatPlate™ is

The GreatPlate™ is the easiest and most convenient way to hold food and drink hassle-free.
A plate for everyday and everywhere.

11 Colors to Choose From

GreatPlate™ Features


All GreatPlate™ and GreatCup products are made of 100% food grade BPA-free plastic.

Made in the U.S.A.

Products are made in Wisconsin and every component that goes into the production and commercialization touch 50 companies across the United States.

Dishwasher Safe

GreatPlate™ products are dishwasher safe on top or bottom rack.

Microwave Safe

All GreatPlate™ and GreatCup products are safe to use in microwaves.

100% Recyclable

All products are made from BPA-free virgin polypropylene plastic material that is 100% recyclable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If your GreatPlate™ or GreatCup becomes defective during normal use, you may return it for a free replacement.

"A Great Plate for Everyday, Everywhere"

GreatPlate™ in the Media

Top Uses for The GreatPlate™

Barbecue Plate

Perfect for when you're barbecuing and need a plate to pass around to everyone invited.

Camping Plate

Out camping? No problem. Our plates are super portable and can fit easily in your backpack for your next camping trip!

Party Plate

One of the most common uses - for parties! From appetizers, to chips & dip - It's the perfect plate to pass around to all your guests!

Tailgating Plate

Because of the way we've sectioned the GreatPlate™ - It's able to hold different assortments of foods and is great for buffets!

Movie Night Plate

Perhaps some chips & dip? Or even some popcorn! Whichever it may be - The GreatPlate™ is absolutely GREAT for that Movie Night you might have planned.


That's right! People even use the GreatPlate™ as a Frisbee! It's great for a quick outdoor activity and is something to keep you busy while the foods getting ready!

Buffet Plate

Stacks neatly. Easy to clean. Perfectly balanced so guest can easily hold with one hand and eat with the other.

Car Snack Plate

No more spills! With high edges and a well-balanced design, keep snacks in the GreatPlate™ and off the floor or seat.

Beach Plate / Coaster

Easily balance your food and drink on the uneven sand. Toss with a friend in a game of Frisbee. GreatPlate™ is truly the perfect beach companion.